Product information "ORIS DUO AK41"

The DUO includes a vertical detachable ORIS towbar and the vehicle-specific 13-pin electrical kit.

ORIS AK41- vertically detachable towbar

  • Vertically detachable system
  • The detachable neck is only attached when in use, otherwise it is 100% invisible
  • Vehicle-specific development
  • Highest fitting accuracy
  • Easy installation for workshops
  • Fully automatic -3-ball locking system, the detachable neck includes an anti-theft lock: for maximum ease of use and safety
  • Optimized material with higher rigidity
  • For use with passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, also with Park Distance Control (PDC)
  • Can be used for all standard car trailers
  • User-friendly operation
  • Including accessories

DUO avantages for the workshop: 

  • Time saving and price advantage compared to time-consuming individual parts selection
  • No risk of incorrect selection and assembly
  • Quality from the original equipment supplier

Product properties:
Product Category
Product Category:
Trailer Hitch
Product Group
Product Group:
Max. Towing Weight [kg]
Max. Towing Weight [kg]:
Nose Load (S-Value) [kg]
Nose Load (S-Value) [kg]:
D-Value [kN]
D-Value [kN]:
Mounting Time (in hours)
Mounting Time (in hours):
Test Mark
Test Mark:
Supplementary Article/Info 2
Supplementary Article/Info 2:
Activation required
Supplementary Article/Supplementary Info
Supplementary Article/Supplementary Info:
with LED
Vehicle Equipment
Vehicle Equipment:
  • for vehicles with check control system
  • for vehicles without check control system
Left-/right-hand drive vehicles
Left-/right-hand drive vehicles:
for left-hand drive vehicles
Technical Information
Technical Information:
Trailer Hitch
Trailer Hitch:
  • with removable ball head
  • Harness with prefabricated socket
  • E-Set with original plug-in connectors
  • with rear fog light deactivation
  • with 13 pin e-set
  • for vehicles with towbar preparation
  • with parking distance control deactivation
Product criteria:
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